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E-commerce – design, content, usability

In the follow article you can learn how you, as an online retailer, can increase your purchase rate in the long run by improving your customers” purchase experience on their terminals.

terminal-dependent in e-commerce
Emphasis of the terminal-dependent development in the e-commerce from the base (1) to the top (3)

In this context, many readers will at first think of the neologism “responsive design”. For a good reason, because, without a layout adjusted to the sales platform and thus an increased usability significantly dampens the desire to buy, in particular among users with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. However, a flexible layout is only one of three columns of terminal-related sale on the internet.

Now it is time and necessary to take one step back to have a look at the platform as one and in doing so, to find the ways how to guide the customer more specifically towards the purchase, by improving the purchase experience for his or her terminal.

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Individual HTML buttons: One file – 15KB!

Button-AnimationFirst of all, I would like to thank all those enthusiastic about CSS and HTML for being curious about this experiment and for the interest related to this blog in tips and tricks around the topic e-commerce. Related to the core topic of this blog, the individual product configuration on the internet by means of the product configurator INCONFIG, and its possibilities to generate customized templates, you sometimes digress to HTML and CSS baubles, during creative phases. In such a moment the following experiment arose in order to implement customized form elements – in this case buttons – quickly and easily in a web site. The objective was to directly use individual buttons on a web site with only one (pseudo) CSS-file. I do not want to address the benefit of such a solution at this point, as this approach is to be only theoretically.

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