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The right strategy for your online shop

Independent of the size of your business, there are various tasks to complete, before you can start your online shop. In connection to topics like data maintenance, layout, contracts with payment providers, possible leasing of premises for storage and packing and much more, the lead-time of such a project, from the beginning until it goes live, can last from several months up to more than one year. In order to overcome this challenge in collaboration with software developers, designers, photographers and all other service providers successfully, you have to define precise objectives before, by means of the which you can determine the importance of each part for the project development.

I would like to outline precisely the, according to me, most important objective, namely the desired effect of the planned offer on the internet. If you consider this key objective in advance, you reduce your economic risk and prevent a wrong self-assessment and therefore the failure of the complete project. I would like to point out in the beginning that you will save time and money for the complete project due to the strict rules resulting therefrom.

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Product configurator in e-commerce

It is due to the rapidly increasing number of online traded product areas that the wish for the greatest possible individualization of a product continuously grows. Still, the usage of a product configurator is not always necessary. In this article I want to talk about the border area where the use of a software solution like the product configurator is advisable.

I will firstly define the exact meaning of the term: “product configuration in online trading”, because of the fact that there is more than one meaning to the term. I will furthermore try to show when it is the right time to use this software solution and lastly how the product configurator becomes an additional value for the supplier, trader, manufacturer or service provider.

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