The product configurator enables your customers to create an individual offer for their complex product at the virtual conference table.

It also creates the desired product of your customer fully automatized, whether trader, manufacturer or service provider.

You offer your customers products, which are individually manufactured according to their wishes. You will also act as an intermediary between the wishes of your customer and the customer´s possibility to personally individualize his own product. The product configurator takes up this task fully auto­matized and it is easy to reach, 24 hours a day. It also enables your customer to create his own compositions and then specifically apply them to the product according to your own pre-defined rules.

As a client-server-solution the client is based on web standards like HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT and can therefore operate with any modern browser. The backend is based on a strong PHP- and MYSQL-basis which allows you to manage any amount of configurators inside a data­base all accessing the same master data. The data of the product configurator can easily be shared with other software solutions (e.g. an ERP-System), via the API interface. The result of configuring the product like that is a complete parts list that already represents the final individually customized product during commissioning and supply orders.

Apart from the added value to the customer´s experience you can save consulting time and money, configuring your product on the internet yourself. We exclusively focus on our core area: the usage of individually configur­ing your product on the internet. You will receive comprehensible advice, personal support and fair pricing.

Measures like bundling already completed parts lists for your customer, often arise out of a state of distress. Our experience shows that customers cannot really accustom themsel­ves to pre-bundled packages.

By doing plau­sibility checks, dependencies and individuali­zed price calculation you can provide service for your customer´s wishes in real time.
International VAT-Management. Multiple currencies and multilingualism
Project Supervision
From scratch, to a concept draft, following the process of development until entirely applicable on a daily basis.
B2B and B2C
Gross or net invoicing, rebate system and individual price calculations
Operational on all Desktop-, Tablet-, mobile devices, and modern browsers.
If it is customer specified mass customization or individual manufacturing of single parts: we develop a tailored solution for any product together with you. A comprehensible and user friendly interface makes individualizing your product an overall experience. The configurator´s very own dynamics, speed and flexibility will suggest to your customer the feeling of completely “owning” the product. Your customers will understand themselves as being involved in the process of develop­ment - at eye level with your own company. You will let your customers become co-designers, and hereby let them feel their involvement in the value creation process. Their participation in theory and practice will help to develop the product itself. Customers will immediately see how their ideas have an impact on the final product and will therefore be able to better pre-visualize it.

Remain independent! After the product configurator is installed on your webserver you will have full access to all of your data (writing and reading), like your individual products, prices, stock and more. The product configurator fully captures the entire product by itself, integrating your customers in the process. The development of the individual configuration of products in e-commerce takes the wishes of many customers into account to have their product stand out of the masses by using especially personalized features on the basis of a mass-suitable and well tested general basis.